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they see me pimpin' , they hatin' == a challenge

As a newbie myself, I thought it would be ok to post this here, if not... well, delete it, oh mighty powerful mods, I completely understand and bow down to your wisdom C:

*clears throught*

Hi, I am here in a pimping mission!

*ducks people throwing knifes and rotten food*

No, I promise I'll be quick!

So, here it's what I came to pimp it's a brand new community with brand new little fics and links called spn_slash!

It's made specially for people that speak the great dead language that is Portuguese - Brazilian and Portuguese and all Portuguese speaking nations are welcome, and people that are learning the language too!

Anyway, the reason I'm pimping right now is we are having a marathon this month, and it has an awesome prompt too "School is back" and it starts, of course, in september, 1st.

Fics, arts, icons, manips, anything you can make is completely welcome!

We love jsquared and other RPS just as much if not more than Supernatural related items xD

So, what do you think? Join us and read, comment, participate!

We'd love to have you around. :)
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Diamond Eyes Info

Title: Diamond Eyes
Author: Me and My cousin Alison
Disclaimer: So this is a colab story with my cousin Alison.
We don't own Dean and Sam Winchester and or Gerard and Mikey Way.
But fuck, we have pictures and we love them. So tough.
We do not know the people associated with the pictures personally, get with it.
Don't like Blood, Gore, Sex. Then this is not the story your looking for.
Go run along and read a Jonas Brother Fan Fic.
And yes, we know we're in it. But who gives?
It's set in like season 4, but there's no Apocalypse and no Dean going to hell.
Genre: Fiction, Romance, Comedy, Drama, Action, Adventure, Mystery, Horror, Angst, Suspense, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Tragedy, Thriller, Crossover.
Pairing/Characters: OFC/Sam Winchester, OFC/Gerard Way, OFC/Mikey Way, OFC/Dean Winchester
Rating: M?
Spoilers: None really.
A/N: So this is my story over at my Mibba account with my cousin, I do all the odd numbers and my cousin does the even numbers. I'll be posting her chapters since she dosen't have an LJ account, and this is just the infomation.

P.S I would like to spam you all, because me and my friend Immy have a roleplaying site called Falling Screaming, It's a Supernatural one.
It's still in matince mode because we haven't started it out really, but you may join, Sam Winchester and Dean Winchester are taken, by us :D
Falling Screaming
I will post Chapter one up here, so enjoy.

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New Zealand: Earthquake 01

Fic: Just Bring Back Some Nice Reminders

Title: Just Bring Back Some Nice Reminders
Author: kiwiana
Word count: 1914
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Betad: no :(
Stage of development: Complete one-shot
Spoilers: None... well, unless you count the pilot :P
Warnings: Wincest and language.
Notes: I'm trying to improve, and I'm very thick-skinned, so concrit is heartily welcomed! Of course, if you love it, my ego could always use a boost lol :)
Summary: Sam's just seen his girlfriend burn to death on the ceiling; everyone has a different way of coping with their grief...

Just Bring Back Some Nice Reminders

The Visitor

Title: The Visitor

Summary: One night a not-so-unknown stranger shows up at Missouri Mossley's doorstep. Who's this person? What's her connection with the Winchesters? Is she a part of God's plan? AU set after "On The Head Of A Pin".

Betaed: no

A/N: English is not my first language, so any kind of constructive criticism is welcome!

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Fic: Wicked Game

Title: Wicked Game
Author: Faceted Mind
Word count: 816
Rating: Teen (12)
Betad: no :(
Stage of development: Complete One-shot
Spoilers: All References to the YED, to END OF SEASON 2, complete. PLUS the YED's TRUE NAME.
Warnings: Liberty taken with YED's backstory (mostly now shown to be non-cannonical)

Notes: Firstly, the concept behind this com is genius and should be worshiped. I will happily take anything you can throw at me because I have only really dabbled my toes into the fandom and have yet to receive any serious crit, which makes it harder and harder to continue. If I'm writing stuff that sucks, I need to know. Reviews from LJ friends are rarely as reassuring as they should be.

Summary: A good laid plan was like chess. It was about following the pattern, the rules, about guidance and control and patience, it was about keeping the pieces in play long enough for them to be of use. Sometimes, it was about waiting ten years, and then twenty more for a plan to come into fruition

SPN Abridged Eps 2.4-2.8

 Title: Supernatural; The Abridged Series-CSPWDT, Simon Said, No Exit, Usual Suspects, and Crossroad Blues
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Contains spoilers for each episode  

Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things:
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Part 4, Part 5
 Simon Said Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
 No Exit Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
 Usual Suspects Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
 Crossroad Blues Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

Two are not enough three are too many

Title – Two are not enough, three are too many
Author - BloodyRoseRed
Cathegory - Supernatural Fanfic
Characters – Sam and Dean Winchester, Also a unknown hunter
Warnings – Bloody scenes, violence, and some hot pictures
Summary – A small park in a God-forgotten town, have found a dismembered couple for the third time this year. 
Authors Note - Need beta for J2


She was walking by him in the dark alleys of the park. She was holding onto his arm for dear life. Deep in herself she regretted going out, after all the horror movies they had seen, now they were going deeper and deeper. The shadows were getting thicker and she got the feeling they were even moving. At last they reached the small deserted building which looked like a chapel. He burst through the door with a solid kick, but she stopped.