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consandcritters's Journal

a Supernatural concrit community
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This is a community for the constructive criticism of fanfiction for the CW show Supernatural. It is intended to be a learning experience for both writers and readers. Hopefully, writers will be able to improve their writing, while readers will be able to improve the quality of their criticism.

All types of stories are permitted, including RPS (provided the Supernatural actors are involved) and Wincest. Stories can be posted anonymously if desired (see guidelines).

Guidelines and help for writers
Guidelines and help for commenters


Rule number one: do not talk about consandcritters do not make personal comments about authors or commenters. This is a bannable offence. If you can't play nice, don't play at all.

Rule number two: do not take comments about your writing personally. The point of this community is to tell you the bad along with the good; if you can’t take that, don’t post your work here.

Corollary to rules one and two: members who have been found to be making personal attacks on other members outside the comm due to comments made in this comm may also find themselves banned from the comm. Seriously, friends and neighbours, just rise above it.

Rule number three: read the guidelines.

Rule number four: never put a sock in a toaster.

That is all.

Find us at spn_guidebook, for all your community-finding needs.