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Diamond Eyes Info

Title: Diamond Eyes
Author: Me and My cousin Alison
Disclaimer: So this is a colab story with my cousin Alison.
We don't own Dean and Sam Winchester and or Gerard and Mikey Way.
But fuck, we have pictures and we love them. So tough.
We do not know the people associated with the pictures personally, get with it.
Don't like Blood, Gore, Sex. Then this is not the story your looking for.
Go run along and read a Jonas Brother Fan Fic.
And yes, we know we're in it. But who gives?
It's set in like season 4, but there's no Apocalypse and no Dean going to hell.
Genre: Fiction, Romance, Comedy, Drama, Action, Adventure, Mystery, Horror, Angst, Suspense, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Tragedy, Thriller, Crossover.
Pairing/Characters: OFC/Sam Winchester, OFC/Gerard Way, OFC/Mikey Way, OFC/Dean Winchester
Rating: M?
Spoilers: None really.
A/N: So this is my story over at my Mibba account with my cousin, I do all the odd numbers and my cousin does the even numbers. I'll be posting her chapters since she dosen't have an LJ account, and this is just the infomation.

P.S I would like to spam you all, because me and my friend Immy have a roleplaying site called Falling Screaming, It's a Supernatural one.
It's still in matince mode because we haven't started it out really, but you may join, Sam Winchester and Dean Winchester are taken, by us :D
Falling Screaming
I will post Chapter one up here, so enjoy.

So here we are
Back to the start again
Trying hard to wait 'til morning

Hey, Rise and shine
And open up your eyes
To give this world some color
Shine on diamond eyes
Separate the space between love and lies

Alison and Melissa are cousins and have been walking the earth alone since the early 18 hundreds.
Living with only themselves they have avoided every hunter known to man, because they are demons possessing a girl every century.

It's 2009.
Alison and Melissa now live in Upper East Side, New York City, New York.
Alison's 26 while Melissa's 25.
No one has noticed that they are Demons.
But once Alison and Melissa meet the Winchesters and Way brothers life changes it for them.

Every once in a while Sam will go to Alison's and Melissa's place, while Dean is out at a bar and Alison's gone somewhere.
Or Gerard and Mikey will go to Alison and Melissa's place once in a while.
They don't know that they are demons and never will.
Until someone tells.

Alison Lee
25, Real age - 3667.

Melissa Lee
24, Real age - 3666
Septum, Ears. Back, Thigh

Dean Winchester
Demon Seal
Human & Hunter

Sam Winchester
Demon Seal
Human & Hunter

Gerard Way
Human & Hunter

Mikey Way
Human & Hunter
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